Country: UK
Most Common: UK
Rarity (Euro): Prototype
Year: ?
Comment: Numbers in issue markings (eg. Issue 2) indicate production boards. Letters indicate prototypes (eg. Issue B). This Master Compact prototype is an Issue 1L which indicates that it's an early test production run of Issue 1 boards (L means Live - the final design was being test-produced prior to full scale production). All Issue 1L boards will have been used in-house and may not have had the production plastics. [thanks Richard!] This prototype has an almost complete production case but the area arround the keyboard is a hand made aluminium part. Perhaps this prototype was made to measure the final dimensions of the keyboard hole.
CPU: 65C02
RAM / ROM: 128k / 16+48k
Colors: 8
References: [Acorn Machine List]
8Bit-Museum: [Company History], [Models]
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