Country: Spain
Most Common: Spain
Rarity (Euro): very rare
Year: 1985
Comment: This machine was sold with 72kB RAM because of spanish laws. Here is a good comment on that topic from [MoDGOC]: "There was a special version of the CPC-464 sold in Spain called the CPC-472. This special Spanish model was released to avoid the prohibition / taxes for selling computers in Spain with 64Kb or less without the '' key! That was the reason why they released a 72Kb version of the CPC-464, without the '' key. But after a short time every computers sold in Spain had to be sold with a Spanish keyboard including the '' key and not only the ones with 64Kb or less memory. So Amstrad continued to sell CPC-472 in Spain but with a '' key. Thus, there are two versions of the CPC-472: one with the '' key and one without..."
CPU: Zilog Z-80A
RAM / ROM: 128kB / 32kB 16kB
Colors: 2-16
References: [MoDGOC]
8Bit-Museum: [Company History], [Models], [Hardware]
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