Country: US
Most Common: US/Europe
Rarity (Euro): uncommon
Year: 1993
Comment: The Color Classic was an LC II crammed into a completely re-designed case which was a discarded prototype for the 20th Anniversary Mac. All of the internal circuitry is almost identical to the LC II; they share the same circuit boards and most of the same components, including a 16 bit data bus and a 10MB RAM limit. The Color Classic however, had a 68882 math coprocessor added to the daughterboard. It also had the special "daughterboard" which could be slid out of the back for easy upgrading. [lowendmac]
CPU: Motorola MC 68030
RAM / ROM: 4096 kB / 1024 kB
Colors: 256
References: [Machine Room], [Apple History]
8Bit-Museum: [Company History], [Models]
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