Country: US
Most Common: Germany
Rarity (Euro): very rare
Year: 198?
Comment: This is technicaly a standard Amiga 500 but within a Design-Case. The top case is made of white pastic whereas the lower part of the case is in standard grey. The Design-Amiga was sold by Commodore and is NOT handpainted - the price was about 75US$ above the normal Amiga 500 so not too many units were sold! There were two versions of the Design Amiga: Ball-Design and Leopard-Design. The Design was made and signatured by "Stefanie Tücking" for a German Music-Show calles "Formel-1".
CPU: Motorola MC 68000
RAM / ROM: 512 kB / 256 kB
Colors: up to 4096
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