Country: US
Most Common: US / Australia
Rarity (Euro): very rare
Year: 1978
Comment: Randy Kerchmar: "It had a card edge connector that had all the S-100 signals, but did not have an S-100 bus. An S-100 expansion box was available from Exidy. The memory map was 32K ram for applications, 16k allowed for the rom pack, and 16k for video. It had a startup monitor program that overlayed the memory space of the ram. You could add an additional 16K for applications if you did not use the rom pack slot. It had a D style Centronics printer port, a serial port, video out, and audio I/O to use with an audio cassette deck. Exidy also sold a single or dual hard sectored floppy drive (5 1/4" I think). With the floppies, the Exidy Sorcerer supported CP/M."
CPU: Z-80
RAM / ROM: 8 kB / 4 kB
Colors: b/w
References: [8Bit-Nirvana], [Machine Room], [MoDGOC]
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