Country: Russia
Most Common: Russia
Rarity (Euro): very rare
Year: 1990
Comment: The Hobbit is a Russian Clone of the Sinclair Spectrum - even the CPU is a Russian Clone. This particular machine is one of the early versions without the numeric keypad. The Hobbit has some addition feature like: a CP/M mode, a "Shadow mode" containing the BASIC extensions (the default "BASIC" configuration was Basic with traps from the Shadow ROM, allowing TR-DOS, networking and internationalization to work). Additional EEPROM configurations were possible - either LOGO or FORTH system. [Hobbit-Page]
CPU: Z80A-Clone
RAM / ROM: 64 kB / 64 kB
Colors: 8
References: [YourSinclair], [Hobbit-Page]
8Bit-Museum: [Company History], [Models], [Hardware], [Clones]
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