Country: Yugoslavia
Most Common: Yugoslavia
Rarity (Euro): extremly rare
Year: 1985
Comment: "In 1985 in Croatia (then Yugoslavia), for purposes of education, a microcomputer called Orao (Eagle) was made for elementary schools. I believe that 2 per school were produced (so they are rare). It is a computer with 16 or 32 kb of memory, 6502 processor, internal speaker, 256x256 monochrome display, built-in BASIC and MONITOR programs. It can be connected using antenna or VIDEO connector. PSU is integrated in its casing so you just directly plug it in power outlet." [Zoran Majcenic]
CPU: 6502
RAM / ROM: 16-32 kB / 16 kB
Colors: 8
References: [MoDGOC],
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