Country: Germany
Most Common: Germany/Australia (?)
Rarity (Euro): rare
Year: 1983
Comment: Some interesting comments from John Lavett from Australia:
I looked up my all-time favourite PC on your site, the Unitron U-2200, which was the best of the Apple II clones. I started importing them into Australia from Unitron in Taiwan in 1983. They were fantastically reliable machines and the fact that they had a separate keyboard/chassis really helped sell them to people who wanted to use them for professional word processing.

The specifications you have against the picture of the machine are a bit sketchy. The following fills in some of the gaps:

  • CPU: Dual processor, 1MHz 6502A and 2MHz Z80
  • RAM: 64K expandable to 128K
  • Built-in (on motherboard): 80-column card, disk interface, game I/O, tape I/O
We sold many to students who were buying them so that they could run UCSD p-System Pascal, Compass Pascal (the forerunner to Borland Turbo Pascal) and dBase II etc. The strength of the machine was its in-built Z80 and 80 column card, which gave it great versatility.
CPU: MOS 6502A + Zilog Z80
RAM / ROM: 64 kB / ? kB
Colors: 16
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