HCM: Overview-Pictures 2002
This page contains some bulk overview
photos of items that hit the HCM collection in 2002.
The items below the pictures are listed from
left to right beginning in the rear part of the picture.
October 2002
[medium (136k)]
[large (380k)]
Panasonic CF2700, Casio MX10 with Box, Fujitsu FM-8 with Box, Atari 400, Sanyo Wavy 23J, Hitach MB-H1, Sony HitBit HN-75D, Atari 400, Mitsubishi ML-G10, Tandy TRS-80 Modell I with Monitor. Microdigital TK 2000 Colour, Sony SMC-777, Nation FS-4000, VTech Creativision MKII Laser 500, RFT KC85/4, Yamaha CX5M, Mitsubishi ML-G10, Apple Performa (?), Apple Macintosh Centris 610. Microdigital TK3000IIe, Sony SMC-777C, Sanyo Wavy 2 MPC-2, Philips P2000, Commodore C610, Tandy TRS-80 Modell I. Yamaha CX5M II/128E (japan), EACA Colour Genie, Nation CF2000. Sony HitBit HB-F1XD, Nation JR-200 (japan), Hitach Basic Master JR, Philips G7400 with Basic, Tandy MC-10, VTech VZ-200, Lambda 8300. Sony HitBit HB-F1XDJ (japan), Yamaha SX-100 (white), Gundam Bandai RX-87, Schneider CPC 464, VTech VZ-200. Prologica CP-300, Sinclair QL (german), Oric-1, Sinclair ZX-81, Timex Computer TC-2048, Timex Computer TC-2068 (black), Timex Computer TC-2068 (silver).

August 2002
[medium (136k)]
[large (630k)]
Casio MX-10 (boxed), Casio PV-2000 (boxed), Multitech Microprofessor MPF II (boxed), Commodore C64 (boxed), VIC-20 (boxed), Tomy Tutor TP-1000 (Japan, boxed), Nascom 2, Micronique Hector I (boxed), Spectravideo SVI-728. Multitech Microprofessor MPF IB (boxed), Apple IIc (boxed), Spectravideo SV-318 (boxed), Commodore C128 (boxed). Commodore CBM 3032, Commodore PET 2001-8C (blue), Luxor 1600, Mentor ABC-80 with diskdrive and monitor, Luxor DiskDrive, Hewlett Packard XM87, Luxor ABC-80 Monitor. Compis II, ITT 2020, Radiola VG-5000, VTech Laser Compumate 2, Commodore 128DCR, Dick Smith VZ-200, Luxor Dual Floppy. Vtech Laser 200 (boxed), Compis II, Research Machines Link 480, Finlux Dragin 32, Cambridge Z88, Sharp MZ-731, EACA Colour Genie EG2000. Spectravideo SVI 767 (boxed), Luxor 806 with monitor, Tatung Einstein TC-01, Camputers Lynx 96, Hanimex Pencil II, Canon V-20, Panasonic FS-A1MKII, Yamaha CM5X, Commodore C64C, Canon V-20. Apple Macintosh Portable with carry case, lable device.

June 2002
[medium (56k)]
[large (268k)]
Spektr 001 (box&machine), National CF-1200 (box&machine), Yamaha CX7M128 (box&machine), Sony HB-F1II (box&machine), CeTec MPC-80 (box&machine), Lik (box&machine). Master (box&machine), Canon V-8, Tandata TD-4000, Sony SMC-777, Kvant BK MC 0530, Hitachi MB-H1E (red), Spectrum-Clone, Sanyo PHC-35J, Krista, Sony HB-F1, ZX-Spectrum 128. Panasonic FS-A1WSX , Acorn A3010 (special edition), Orao, Olimpik-C, Robi, Sinclair ZX-81. Best III, Westa IK-31, Micronique Hector 2HR+, Atari TT, Victor HC-30.

April 2002
[medium (100k)]
[large (417k)]
Fenner DPC-200 (boxed), Yamaha SX-100 (boxed), Didaktik-M (boxed), Micordigital TK-95 (boxed), Enterprise 128 (boxed). Novy Bor IQ-151, Tesla PMD85, Sharp HotBit HP8000 (black), ZVTA PP01 (dark), ZVTA PP01. Novy Bor IQ-151, Tesla PMD85, Novy Bor IQ-151, Tesla PMD85, Delta, Yamaha SX-100, Fenner DPC-200. Novy Bor IQ-151, Tesla PMD85, Plotter, Triton IPT01 (white), 2x Triton IPT01 (red), 2x Videoton TV Computer 64k, 2x ZVTA PP01. Triton IPT01 (red), Prologica CP200s, Micordigital TK-95, ANK-1, Frael Bruc, Didaktik Gama (white).

March 2002
[medium (104k)]
[large (283k)]
Canon V-8 (boxed), Sony HB-F1XKmk2 (boxed), Mitsubishi ML F110 (boxed), pile of IBM PCjr carts, Spectravideo SV-605A Expansion Box (boxed), Laser 50 (boxed) Tomy Tutor (japan), Microdigital TK3000 IIe, IBM PCjr keyboard, Hitachi Basic Master Level 3, Apricot F1e, Exidy Sorcerer DP1000-2 (German), Sony HB-101 (boxed), Amiga 500 Tiger Design, Prologica CP-200, Prologica CP400 II, Spectravideo SV-605A + Spectravideo SV-328 MKII, Casio MX-101 (boxed), Apple Performa 630, Apple PowerMac 7100/66AV ICE Felix HC-2000, Prologica CP-300, Prologica CP400, Microdigital TK-83, Casio PV-2000, Casio MX-101, Prologica CP-200, Casio PV-7, Casio MX-101, Casio PV-2000 (boxes), CIP-03, NE-Z8000, Sinclair ZX-80 (US), Micordigital TK-85, Canon V-8, Digivision (brazilian intellivison II clone), ???, Dactar (brazilian vcs-clone), Milmar (brazilian vcs-clone), Nation JR-100, Micordigital TK-83, Primio, Hitach MB-H1E (red), Casio MX-101(boxed), CCE Supergame (brazilian vcs-clone), Dynavision (brazilian vcs-clone), Nintendeo Pong, Sony HB-101 (red), Mitsubishi ML F110, Sony HB-F1XKmk2, Hitachi MB-H3, Sanyo Wavy 1

January 2002
[medium (87k)]
[large (366k)]
Commodore C-64 WebIt (box), HotBit HB-8000, Gradiente Expert DDplus, Basis 108, Sinclair Spectrum 128, Mitsubishi ML-FX1, Sinclair Spectrum 128+, Daewoo CPC300 IQ2000 (black), Daewoo CPC300 IQ2000 (white), Robotron Z1013, ICE-Felix HC-90, Toshiba Pasopia IQ HX-10S (red), Sony HitBit HB-101 (red), Commodore C-64 WebIt, Atari 4160 STE, National JR-100, Open University Hektor II, Acorn Communicator, Spectravideo Carts, Mitsubishi ML-F80, Toshiba HX-51, Fenner SPC-800