HCM: Overview-Pictures 2000
This page contains some bulk overview
photos of items that hit the HCM collection in 2000.
The items below the pictures are listed from
left to right beginning in the rear part of the picture.
November 2000
[medium (79k)]
[large (374k)]
Atari 800 XL (boxed), Compaq Portable II, Dick Smith System-80, Atari Flacon 030 (box), Atari 520 ST (boxed), Dick Smith System-80 (box), 2x Atari XEP-80 (boxed), Atari 600 XL (boxed), Laser 2001 Floppy (boxed), Atari Paddle (boxed), IBM PCjr Joystick (boxed), 3x VTech Floppy, 2x Bell & Howell Floppy, VTech DR-20 Tape, Laser 3000 carts, Schneider CPC 6128, VTech Laser 3000, Atari Falcon 030, Dragon 200, Atari 1200XL (boxed), MB Vectrex, VTech Laser 700, Commodore C116, VTech Laser 128 (old style), Commodore Amiga 500 Tiger Design, Inves Spectrum+, 2x Hewlett Packard HP-110 Portable Pro, Philips VG-8000 (boxed), Apple IIe, Bell & Howell Apple IIplus, Atari 1040 STE, IBM PCjr chicklet keyboard, Hewlett Packard Disk 9114B, Atari PC-4, Quelle Universum 1004, IBM PCjr parallel card, Atari 2600jr Clone, Commodore C128D

September 2000
[medium (73k)]
[large (444k)]
Tano Dragon, Bondwell Portable Computer 14, Apple Macintosh SE/30, Dick Smith Carts (boxed), Apple Macintosh Performa 475, Alle Macintosh II, 2x Dick Smith CAT Floppy (boxed), Commodore C64G, IBM PCjr, Franklin ACE 500, Commodore C64 (Aldi), EACA Colour Genie EG2000 (boxed), Cordata PPC-640, Casio FP-200, Dick Smith CAT, VTech Laser 128EX, Atari Mega ST-1, Epson HX-40, Bit 90, Commodore C116, Toshiba HX-22, Atari 800XL, Your Computer, Philips VG8010, Yamaha CX5M/II 128, 3x Commodore 1551, 1x Commodore 1541, Atari 1050, Philips VG8235, Commodore C64 (Aldi), Commodore C16, Interton VC4000, EACA Colour Genie Expansion Box, Philips VG8245, Sinclair +2, Tschibo Tele-fever, Sipo, Atari Mega ST keyboard, EACA Colour Genie EG2000, Laser 128 Expansion Box, Commodore plus/4

August 2000
[medium (71k)]
[large (433k)]
Sipo (boxed), Video Sports Skylark-124 (boxed), Texas Instruments TI99/4A (boxed), Interton 3000 (boxed), 2x Telespiel Sanwa 9009, Apple IIGS with Color Monitor, Atari 800XL, Atari 600XL, Interton 3000 Gun (boxed), Portable Model 5155, 2 Atari 1050, Apple Colour Classic, Microworld Microbee 64 (box), Microworld Microbee 64, Apple Power Book 100, 2x Sharp MZ-721, Acorn BBC-B with metal case, Hobbit Personal PC, Epson HX-20,2x Commodore C116, Sinclair Z-88, Komfort Mupid, Commodore plus4, Atari 800XL, Acorn EcoNet FileStore (Prototype), Acorn Disk Dirve, Commodore C64 (Aldi), Microkey Primio 32, Commodore VIC-1001, Acron Second Processor Expansion, VideoTon TV-Computer

June 2000
[medium (116k)]
[large (565k)]
Amstrad Notepad NC-100 (boxed), Enterprise 64 (boxed), Spectravideo SVI 728MKII (boxed), Coleco Adam Disk Drive (boxed), Canon V20 (boxed), Coleco Adam (boxed), Sinclair Spectrum 48k (boxed), Sinclair Spectrum+ (boxed), Dragon 32 (boxed), Sanyo PHC-28L (boxed), Sinclair QL (boxed), Thomson TO7 (boxed), Laser 50 (boxed), Thomson TO5 platini (baged), Sinclair PC-200 (boxed), Spectravideo 328 MKII, Microbee, Microbee, MBX (boxed), Thomson TO8D, Philips VG 5000, Amstrad Notepad NC-100, Microbee Monitor, Commodore SX-64, Multitech Microprofessor MPF-IP (boxed), Yashica YC-64, Microbee, Your Computer, Thomson TO7 Data Recorder (boxed), Salora Manager, VideoBrain Family Computer, Tandy EX-1000, Televerket (Modell-100), Radofin Aquarius (boxed), VideoBrain Family Computer (boxed), Oric Disk Drive, 2x Thomson MO5, Philips VG8010 (black), Sanyo PHC-28, Memotech MTX 500, Thomson MO5-2 (boxed), Thomson MO7-70, Thomson MO5, Thomson MO6, Atari CX-85, Hewlett Packard HP-85, Laser 2001, Tiki 100, Thomson TO8 (boxed), EACA Coloour Genie (boxed), Motorola MEK6800D2, Fairchild F387X PEP-System (boxed), Mostek Eval-70, NEC µPD7901, Sharp MZ-721, Thomson MO6, Sharp MZ-821,2x Thomson TO7-70, Dragon 32, Spectravideo SV-606 (boxed), Tatung Floppy, SVI-904, Atari 410, Salora Fellow, 3x Texas Instruments CC40 (boxed), Jupiter Ace, Sharp MZ-721, Dragon 32, Acorn Atom, Thomson QuickDisk, Texas Instruments CC40 RS232 (boxed), Texas Instruments CC40 Modem (boxed), Mattel Aquarius, Canon X07, Salora Manager, Manuals, TI99 MBX-Carts (boxed), TI40CC Carts (boxed), VideoBrain Carts,

May 2000
[medium (94k)]
[large (439k)]
Amiga 600 (boxed), Commodore 128 (boxed), Mattel Intellivision Computer Keyboard (boxed), Commodore C64G, Floppy, 2x Commodore Plus4, Commodore C64C, Amiga 1000, Commodore 1551 Floppy, Commodore 1540/41 Floppy, Golden ZX-Spectrum, ZX-Spectrum, Apple Floppy, Sharp HotBit HB-8000, Prológica CP-400 Color II (boxed), Commodore 1571 Floppy, Multitech MPF-III, Microdigital TK95, Prológica CP-300, Prológica CP-200S, Amstrad PPC512, Sony HitBit HB-10D, Microdigital TK85 (boxed), Sinclair ZX-81 (boxed), Sharp MZ-80A, Yamaha AX-150, RFT KC85/2, Tatung Einstein TC-01, ICL OnePerDesk

April 2000
[medium (81k)]
[large (293k)]
Spectravideo SVI328 MKII (boxed). Yashica YC64 (boxed), Spectravideo SV-904 (boxed), Didaktik M (boxed) Your Computer (boxed), Philips NMS8245 (boxed), MemoTech FDX, Philips VG8235 (boxed), Commodore PC-20 III, Commodore PC-45 III, Commodore PC-30 III, Phonola NMS8245, Acorn 2nd Processor, Memoteh MTX500, Tandy MC-10 (boxed), Commodore MPS1270, Commodore MPS1270A, Atari 1040 STFM, Hanimex HMG 2650(boxed), Grundig Videoplay Computer 4000, Sony Hitbit HB 55P, Didaktik Compact, Didaktik Gamma 89 (boxed), Universum Multispiel 2006 (boxed), Conic Color TV sports 406, Körting Tele-Multiplay, Palladium, Spectravideo SVI-328 MKII, Didaktik Gamma 88 (boxed), Commodore 1570, Atari PC3, Acorn Archimedes A310, Club Exclusiv 2000 Telespiel (boxed), Philips VideoPac G7400, Philips VG8020, Oviletti Prodest PC128, Sony Hitbit HB75-D, Canon V-20, Philips VG8235, Philips VG8010, Hobbit, Composite, Mitsubishi ML-FX1

March 2000
[medium (47k)]
[large (295k)]
Apple LISA 2-5, Apple LISA Manual, Commodore MAX (boxed), Atari SH204 HardDisk, Tatung 3" Floppy, Commodore 1571 Floppy, 2x Triumph Adler F1, Triumph Adler F2, Commodore VC-20, Atari 520STM, Commodore C610 Keyboard, Commodore PC-10 II, Tatung Monitor Commodore C128, Commodore C128D keyboard, Commodore C610 PCB, Commodore MAX, Tatung Einstein 256, 2x Commodore 128DCR, Commodore Amiga 500 Design-Edition, 2x Schneider Euro PC, Commodore Amiga 500Plus, Triumph Adler Alphatronic PC

February 2000
[medium (86k)]
[large (280k)]
Commodore C64C (boxed), Atari 520 STM (boxed), Odyssey 2001 (boxed), Commodore Plus/4, Acorn Teletext Adapter, Acorn 5.25" Floppy, Acorn BBC Master Compact Floppy/PS, Commodore PC-1, Commodore C128DCR, Commodore C128, Commodore Amiga 600, Commodore C116, Commodore Plus/4, Kaypro 16-2, Atari 1040 STFM, Atari 130XE, Sony HitBit HB-F9P, Philips NMS 8245, Commodore C64C, Atari ST520+, Toshiba HX-10, Philips VG8220, Acorn BBC Master Compact, Atari 1040STE, 2x Mitsubishi ML-F48, Tomy Alien Chase Table Top (boxed), Acorn BBC Master Compact (Prototype), Atari 1040STFM, Sony Viewdata Unit, Parker Merlin Hand Held (boxed), Tomy Arcade Racing Table Top, Spektr 48, Microdigital TK85, V-Tech Laser 200, Star Treck DJ-7000, Universum 2006