HCM: Overview-Pictures 2001
This page contains some bulk overview
photos of items that hit the HCM collection in 2001.
The items below the pictures are listed from
left to right beginning in the rear part of the picture.
October 2001
[medium (149k)]
[large (557k)]
Prologica CP-300 (boxed), Goldstar FC-200 (boxed, old version), Goldstar FC-200 (box, new version), Sands Colour C-2600 (boxed), Vectrex, Sega Master System Plastic Box, Microdogital TK-2000 (boxed), Philips VG8020 (boxed), Canon V-20 (boxed), Mentor Colour 8 (boxed), Mentor Sports 1620 (boxed), Atari 7800, Spectravideo SVI-728 (bag), Philips Videowriter, Monarch (boxed), Prologica CP-300 (large keyboard), Micordigital TK-2000, Daktar (brazilian Atari 2600 Clone), Sinclair Spectrum, cce Exato, Gradiente Expert DD, Gradiente Expert DDPlus, Gradiente Expert DDPlus (box), Sega SC-3000, Tesla PMD 85-3, Micordigital TK-90X, cce MC-1000, Tesla Ondra, Philips VG8220, Dick Smith VZ-300.

September 2001
[medium (119k)]
[large (465k)]
Sharp MZ-800 boxed, Schneider MC-810 boxed, Electronic Detektiv boxed, Olivetti Prodest PC128 boxed, Radofon Aquarius boxed, Philips NMS-801 boxed, Schneider CPC 464 boxed, Laser 210 boxed 2x Enterprise 128 boxed, Framemaker box, NeXT Cube, NeXT Station, Lotus Improv box, Vectrex, Apple Macintosh Classic II, Grundig Video Commander 4000, Atari 7800 boxed, Timex Sinclair 1500 boxed, Aquarius MiniExpander boxed, Olivetti Prodest PC128, Amstrad CPC 472, Amstrad CPC 464 grey, 2x Lambda 8300, Casio FP-200, Sanyo MPC-64 boxed, 2x Universum Pong boxed, Mentor 6 pong, IBM Convertible, Amstrad CPC 664, Atari 130 XE, Amstrad CPC 464 color spain, Atari 1040STE, Atari 800XL, IBM PS2 Model 70, Commodore PC-1, Amstrad Mega PC with monitor, Philips NMS-801, Radiola MK180, Mupid I, Scheider MC-810, Schneider Euro PC, Sinclair Spectrum +2, Laser 110, Sanyo MPC-64, Philips Videowriter 280 keyboard, Soundic Pencil II, Apple IIGS ROM III, Commodore CDTV, Philips Videowriter 280

May 2001
[medium (106k)]
[large (346k)]
2x Tandy Floppy (boxed), Timex Computer 2068 boxed, Spectravideo SVI-318 MKII, Jupiter Ace 400 (boxed), Sanyo PHC-25 (boxed), Dragon 32 (boxed), VIC-20 (boxed, US), Commodore C64 (boxed, US), Commodore C64C (boxed, US), Hector I (boxed), Commodore 8032-SK, ComputerPhone, Apple Macintosh ED, Hama ACUT (boxed), Schenieder Euro PC, Schneider Euro PC II, Euro PC Floppy, JVC HC-7 GB, Amiga 600, Atari 1200 XL, Dynaelektronik Dynael M48A, RFT HC-900, Matra Alice Carry-Case, NEC PC-8300 (Siemens Nixdorf), Canon X-07, Philips VG5000, Amiga 1200 HD, Sanyo PHC-25, Elektronika BK-0010-01 (new), Elektronika BK-0010-01 (old), Elektronika BK-0010, Atari 130 XE, NEC PC-6001, Amstrad PPC-512, ICE Felix, Casio PV-16, Elektronika BK-0010-01 (old), Elwro 800, Sanyo PHC-SPC, CIP-03, Partner 01.01, Microsha, Posik, Prologica CP 200, Sharp MZ-700, Commodore C16, MB Vectrex, Unimor Bosman-8, Kvant, L'vov, Timex Computer 2048, CGL M5, Magic, Didaktik M128.

March 2001
[medium (74k)]
[large (328k)]
ITT 3030 with monitor, Compaq Portable III, VTech Laser 128, Osborne I, RFT KC85/3, VTech Laser 128 box, the digital group with monitor, Mera Meritum, Elwro 800-2, Olivetti M10, Olivetti PC128S, Epson PX-8, Atari PC-1, 2x Unipolbrit Floppy, Apple Powerbook 280, Apple Powerbook 280c, RFT KC85/4, Commodore C16, Interton 3000 boxed

January 2001
[medium (105k)]
[large (316k)]
Philips VG 8010 (boxed), Your Computer (boxed), Tandy Colour Computer 3 (boxed). Körting Tele-Multipaly L (boxed), Philips Bar Code Reader (boxed), Timex 2068 (boxed), Robik, Tomy Tutor, Robotron 1715 M, Sinclair Spectrum 128 (boxed), Timex 2020 (boxed), Grundig PTC-100, Atari 520ST+, Tandy Model-100, Thomson TO9, Apple III, Atari 800XL (boxed), Acorn Music Master (boxed), Elektronika BK-0011M, Robotron Z9001, Amstrad PC-20, Merlin Tonto, MB Vectrex, MSX-Software, 2x Philips NMS 8250, Elwro 800-3, Atari 800XE, Sony SDC-500 (tape), Philips NMS 1250 (tape) Matra Alice 8000, Microbee S2, amstrad CPC 6128, Tandy Colour Computer 3, Texas Instruments TI99, Sony HotBit BH-75D, Apple III Software, Robotron 5105, Acorn 3020, Apple IIGS upgrade, Sega SC-3000(japan), ZX-Spectrum (plastic), ZX-Spectrum (Metal) IQ 8300, Acron 3010, Unipolbrit 2086