HCM: Overview-Pictures '98
This page contains some bulk overview
photos of items that hit the HCM collection in 1998.
The items below the pictures are listed from
left to right beginning in the rear part of the picture.
November '98
[medium (107k)]
[large (400k)]
Sinclair Spectrum +3 (box), Sinclair QL (box), Enterprise 64 (box, arabic version), Microprofessor MPF II (box), Spectravideo SVI 318 (box), Spectravideo SVI 728 (box) Zilog Z-80 Development-System (8" Drive), Luxor ABC 800 (5.25" Drive), Texas Instruments TI 99/4A (box, grey), Spectravideo SVI 318 (box), Spectravideo SVI 328 (box), Luxor ABC 80, Luxor ABC 802, Zilog Z-80 Development-System (base unit), Luxor ABC 800, Spectravideo SVI 605 (Colecovision-Adapter), Laser 200, VideoPac C7010 (Box, Chess), Commodore Plus4 (box, US-Version), Canon V-10, Spectravideo SVI 328, Luxor ABC 80, Sinclair Spectrum +3, 2x Spectravideo SVI 318, Commodore VIC-20 with VIC-1020, Lucas Nascom-3, SVI-767 (box), Sord M5 (box), Atari 65XE, Philips VG8230, Texas Instruments TI 99/4A (grey), Laser 200, Aquarius, 2x Epson HX-20, Spectravideo SVI 728, Timex 1500, EACA Color Genie EG2000, Yeno MX64, Sanyo PHC-28S, SAM Coupe, Enterprise 64 (arabic version), Victor Lambda II HR, Apple Clone, Sinclair Spectrum, Schneider CPC464

July '98
[medium (105k)]
[large (331k)]
Atari VCS 2600, Akor TV Boy (box), Akor Super TV Boy (box), Sinclair QL (box), 2x Vectrex Sharp MZ-2500, Commodore C16 (box), Sharp ELSI-160 (calculator), Schneider CPC464, Palladium, Sinclair Spectrum, Atari 600XL, Panasonic FS-A1FX, Panasonic FS-A1ST, Sanyo PHC-25, Sinclair ZX-80, Alice 90, Timex 2068, Thomson MO5 Platini

June '98
[medium (98k)]
[large (363k)]
2x Vectrex, Philips G7000 (Box), Microdigital TK3000 IIe compact Box), Tandy MC-10 (Box), Atari 1050 (Box), Apple IIGS (Box), Atari 1010 (Box), Atari 1027 (Box), Palladium, TV Sport TVG 2002 (Box), Dick Smith VZ200 Color Computer (Box), Dick Smith VZ200 TapeRecorder (Box), Sega SC-3000, Exidy Sorcerer, Dick Smith Wizzard (Createvision), Dick Smith VZ300 TapeRecorder; Dick Smith VZ300 DR20 Datasette, Mattel Aquarius II, Philips VG5000, Thomson MO5, Atari 400, Yamaha CX5M, Keyboard YK-10, TV Boy, 2x Super TV Boy, 2x Commodore C128 MicroVision, Intellivision, 2x Commodore 1571, Battlestar Galactica handheld

June '98
[medium (99k)]
[large (408k)]
2x Spectravideo SVI-328 MKII, Spectravideo SVI-328, SVI Expander 605, SVI Datarecorder 904, SVI Diskdrive 902, SVI-Software, Contex D11 (Calc) Mustang 9008, Saba Videoplay (14 Carts), Philips Odyssey 2001, Ideal-Computer Tele-match Cassette 2, Atari 7800, Poppy TVG4 (Box)

May '98
[medium (82k)]
[large (330k)]
2x Vectrex, Atari VCS-Clone (Rambo, Box), Palladium Tele-Multiplay SR Commodore C116, Sharp MZ800, Atari 800XE, 2x SMS, Atari 1200 (Prototype), Philips VideoPac G7000

May '98
[medium (111k)]
[large (429k)]
Mustang 9015 (Box), Unimex Mark V (Box), Panasonic FZ-10 3DO (Box), HGS Telesport, Thomson MO6, Acorn Archimedes Keyboard,Philips G 7400, about 150 Atari Carts, Ufo Attack Hand Held; Tomy Flipper

April '98
[medium (100k)]
[large (280k)]
Toshiba HX-23 (Box), 3x Philips VG8235, Philips VG8245, Sony HB700D, Sony HitBit HB75D (Box), Mitsubishi ML-F48, Sanyo MPC100, 5x Philips VG8020, Goldstar FC200 (Box), Sony HitBit HB55, Sony Hit Bit HB-F9P, 3x Goldstar FC200, Spectravideo SVI 728, 2x Sony HitBit HB75D, 2x Philips Tape-Recorder, Philips NMS Graphics Tablet, 3x Toshiba HX-10, Sony HB-F1XD, Sanyo MPC100, 2x Disk Drive 2x Quick Disk, SVI 838 Mainboard, SVI 838 Keyboard

March '98
[medium (78k)]
[large (305k)]
Spectravideo SVI 605 (Expansion Box), Apple Macintosh Portable, Laser 128 (Box), Atari 1090 (Expansion Box), Memotech Expansion Box, Commodore CBM 610, Commodore Amiga 2000, Apple III, Apple III+, Vectrex, Sinclair Spectrum+ 128k , Sinclair Spectrum +2, Commodore Amiga, Atari ST260, Sega SC3000, Apple Macintosh Plus, Laser 210, Sharp MZ800 Commodore C610, Commodore Game System, 2x Atari 800XE, Exelvision EXL-100, Oric-1, Thomson TO8D , Sinclair Spectrum, Memotech MTX512, Commodore CBM 610, Matra Hachette Alice, Philips VG5000, Sharp PC-3201HN, Camputer Lynx, Enterprise 128 (Box), 3x Tandy Radio Shack CoCo, Thomson MO5-2, Commodre C64G, Sinclair Spectrum +2, Oric-1 Schneider Euro PC, Atari 520 STFM