HCM: Overview-Pictures '99
This page contains some bulk overview
photos of items that hit the HCM collection in 1999.
The items below the pictures are listed from
left to right beginning in the rear part of the picture.
December '99
[medium (110k)]
[large (368k)]
Sony HitBit HB-700F, Philips NMS 8250 (MSX2), Philips NMS 8255 (MSX2), Schneider Magazines, 2x Philips NMS-8245, Philips NMS 8250 Keyboard, Philips VG-8235, Philips P2000T, MBO Teleball V with Gun (boxed), SuperVision Jumbo (boxed), Philips NMS-8245, 2x Commodore 1551 Floppy, Philips VG-8235, Match Spectrum 6 Color (boxed), 2x Canon V20, Prologica CP-400 (boxed), Atari Trackball (boxed), Mattel Intellivision, Toshiba HX-10, Sony HitBit HB-201 (black), Apple IIGS, MB Microvision (boxed), Unimex Mark VII with Gun, SHG Black Point FS1000-3 (boxed), al Alamiha AX170, Acorn Atom, Oric 1, Laser 110, Microvision Carts (boxed), Amiga 500, Atari ST520+, Atari XL Carts (boxed), Interton PC4800 (Calculator), APF Mark 26 (Calculator), Adler 60 (Calculator), Commodore 4148R (Calculator), NEC PC Engine, Philips VideoPac carts (boxed), Sony HitBit HB75D Apple IIe, Atari 600XL, Hewlett Packard HP-75C, Microdigital TK-90X, Sharp PC-1500, Acorn BBC Master

September '99
[medium (65k)]
[large (234k)]
Epson P40 Printer (boxed), Epson RAM Disk Unit (boxed), Epson TF-20 5.25" Twin Floppy (boxed), Tandy TRS-80 Modell II Keyboard upgrade (boxed), Tandy TRS-80 Modell II Network II Controller (boxed), Epson QX-10 with two Monitors, Tandy TRS-80 Modell I Monitor, Commodore C16 Basic Kurs (boxed) Epson Repair Manuals (PX4, PX8, HX-20, QX-10, QX-16), Tandy TRS-80 Modell II Manuals (XENIX, Cobol, Owners Manual), Apple IIcx, Box of Dolphin Carts, Epson TF-20 5.25" Twin Floppy, QX-10 Keyboard, Fernsehspiel TEC FS-204 (boxed), Epson HX-20, Epson PX-8, Calculator Monroe 610, Calculator Contex D11, Philips VideoPac G7000, Calculator Monroe 610, Tandy TRS-80 Modell I Monitor, 2x Epson HX-20 (Boxed) Tabletop Chicky Woggy, Gongoll Electronic Tabletop Frog Prince, Telespiel Home Computer RINCO, Commodore BTX Decoder (boxed), Coleco Gemini, Calculator Privileg SR110NC, Heap of HX-20 Parts Parker Electronic Split Second, Commodore C64G, MB Microvision, G&W Nintendo Donkey Kong II (boxed), G&W Roulette Game (boxed), some Atari and Philips Carts, Unimex Mark IX, Epson PF-10 3.5" DiskDrive, Epson H00BR Barcode Reader, Black Point Multicolor, Epson HX-20 (parts)

August '99
[medium (97k)]
[large (330k)]
MB Vectrex, Atari Mega STE with Monitor SM146, Commodore C16 Lern Kurs (boxed), Salora Fellow (boxed), MBO Tele-Ball VIII Color with Gun (boxed), 2x Apple II europlus, Eurocon Apple II Clone, 4x Apple Disk Drive, Prinztronic Tournament III Colour (boxed), Schneider CPC6128, Schneider CPC664, Triumph Adler Alphatronic PC, Atari 1040 STF, Triumph Adler 5.25" Floppy 2x Philips Telespiel ES2208 (boxed), Universum Multispiel (boxed), Palladium Telematch, Palladium Telecasettengame, Körting Tele-Multiplay, Spectravideo SVI-738, Commodore C64G, Commodore VC-20, Commodore C128, EACA Color Genie EG-2000, 2x MB Microvision (boxed) ?, Unimex MKV-C (boxed), Sega Carts, Commodore C64G, Oric Telestrat, Commodore Plus/4, Oric 3" Disk Drive, EACE Video Genie, some Microvision Carts (boxed) Sinclair ZX Printer (boxed), ?, Micordigital TK85, Commodore C116, Panasonic FS-A1, Amstrad Notepad NC-100, Salora Tape, Salora Joysticks, Salora RAM Expansion, Tandy TRS-80 Modell I, some Atari, Videopac and Palladium Carts, Commodore 1750 RAM Expansion Unit (REU)

June '99
[medium (84k)]
[large (466k)]
Olivetti Prodest PC-1 (box), Apple Macintosh SE 1/40, Philips Monitor, Laser 500 (box), Amstrad CPC 6128+, Toshiba HX-10, Philips printer, Olivetti Prodest PC-1, Komtek I, Sony HitBit HB201, Sony HitBit HB9F, Canon V-20, Laser 500, Yamaha CX5M, Philips VG8235, Grundy Newbrain, Panasonic CF2700, Mentor (box, videogame) Sharp MZ-800, Commodore C128, Philips VG8020, SVI 728, Philips P2000T, ???, Philips G7400, Universum TV Multispiel 4014, Tandy TRS-80 Model I, Philips NMS 8250, Commodore C16, Sincalir Spectrum (special case), Sipo TV-Spiel, Akur TVG-SD-01-8, Telespiel APF Match, Commodore Plus/4, TV-18 Color, Saba Fairchild, 2x Interton VC4000, Philips Odyssey 2001

May '99
[medium (84k)]
[large (288k)]
Philips MSX Graphic Tablet NMS1150 (boxed), Kosmos Spielcomputer Logikus (boxed), Computerlernkurs Commodore C16 (boxed), Philips VG8020 (boxed), Commodore C128D (Metal), Spectravideo SVI 328 MKII (boxed), Mitsubishi ML-G30, Philips NMS8250 NEC PC-8300 (Siemens Nixdorf, with case), Sharp MZ800, Sinclair Spectrum (non-original keyboard), Atari 800XE, Commodore C16, Commodore C64G, Atari 7800, Commodore C116, Epson HX-20, Commodore C64G, Schneider Euro PC, Toshiba HX-10, Philips VG-8230, Sony HitBit HB75D, Poppy MPT03 (boxed), Commodore VC1541, Commodre REU 1700, Philips VG-8245, Philips VG8020, Philips VG-8235, 2x Interton VC-4000, Sinclair ZX-81, Philips G7000, Audio Sonic Advanced Programmable Videosystem Model 1292, Intel Super Telesport D-688/36

April '99
[medium (109k)]
[large (452k)]
Panasonic FZ-10 (box), Toshiba HX-10 (box), Timex 2068 (box), Goldstar FC200 (box), Pecom64 (box), Philips VideoPac G7000 (box), Sony HitBit HB-201P (box), Sanyo MPC-100 (box), Philips NMS8245 (box), Sinclair Spectrum +2 (box), Commodore 128D, 2x BBC Master, Philips VG5000, 2x BBC B, Thomson MO5E, Panasonic JR-200U, Apple IIc (box), Interton VC4000, Sinclair Spectrum +3, Sony HitBit HB-201P, Sony HitBit HB-501F, Apple IIc, Philips VideoPac G7000, Sanyo ICC 82D (calculator), Commodore VC-20, Atari Mega STE, Panasonic CF2700, Sanyo MPC-100, Monroe 925 (calculator), Telesports Ultrasound (box), Goldstar FC200, Sony HitBit HB-55P, Philips VG-8235, Atomic TV Player II, Apple Imagewriter II, Unimex Mark IX (box), Intellivision, Philips NMS8245, Philips VG-8020, Philips NMS8220, 2 x Grundig Superplay Computer 4000, Schmid TVG2000, HGS Telesport, PECOM 64, Atari Game System, Sinclair Spectrum +2, Blackpoint Multicolor FS 1001, Atari XC12 Atari 7800, Video Game System Model 9900, Palladium 825/530, Texas Instruments Compact Computer 40